Lead shot ban hits a bump – Fieldsports News, 25 May 2022

youtu.be/vq9ST1Jw670 Here are the links: Lead shot ban hits a bump – FACE challenges ECHA’s consultation: www.face.eu/2022/05/can-we-reach-fair-play-in-the-eus-approach-to-restricting-ammunition/ Guinea pig mystery: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-61521356 Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot: www.harbororocksclayshoot.co.uk/ Wolf’s killing spree in French nature reserve: www.rtl.be/info/regions/liege/17-moutons-tues-par-un-loup-dans-une-reserve-naturelle-a-nassogne-certains-ont-du-mourir-dans-d-atroces-souffrances-deplore-l-eleveuse-1377406.aspx?dt=13:41 [French news site] Dog injured in mountain lion attack: www.outdoorlife.com/survival/dog-fights-mountain-lion-saves-owner/ Schoolboy catches monster carp: www.fieldandstream.com/fishing/boy-catches-giant-carp-france/ Tourist sues safari operator after elephant […]

English Open Sporting Championship 2022

youtu.be/Z8Q0Dh7Niko There’s a surprise winner at High Lodge in Suffolk, where clayshooters gather for the first CPSA Major Sporting Championship of the year, the English Open. Paul Batchelor beat the big names, including George Digweed and Richard Faulds, in a tense shoot-off that went right down to the final pair. James Marchington reports. Full results […]

Rock pigeon hunting with Ollie Williams

youtu.be/NG4QaivC578 Ollie Williams is in South Africa trying out pigeon shooting on a grand scale as he protects sunflower crops from the hordes of rock doves. “They’re like woodpigeons on steroids,” he says – and there are millions of them! For more about pigeon shooting with Kotoko Hunting, visit Kotoko.co.za Thanks to our cameraperson on […]

Best boots for hunting – Fieldtester’s guide

Fieldsports folk do a lot of walking over all kinds of difficult terrain, from rocky mountain slopes to slippery mud and grass. We want a sure footing and dry, comfortable feet all day long – ideally in a boot that will last a season or two of hard use. That’s a big ask, but boot […]


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