Scramble for pheasant eggs – Fieldsports News, 8 June 2022 Here are the links: Pheasant and partridge poults in price war – Facebook + Facebook Police tackle Animal Rebellion nutters – YouTube OM for New Zealand duck hunter – NZHerald Shops ignore UK ivory ban – Fieldsports News Game meat 60th on European lead list – EFSA research Birds of prey numbers up 22% […]

Wiltshire double roe buck fever Cai Ap Bryn is out after a roebuck or two for the freezer. He is catering for lots of weddings this summer. And those lucky brides and grooms – it’s a perfect evening to find a buck in Wiltshire. He is out with local guide and taxidermist Tom Douglas.   For more about the […]

Fieldsports Britain – summer stalking Cai Ap Bryn is out after meat for his catering business, stalking roebucks in Wiltshire. His host is local taxidermist Tom Douglas. It’s a blissful English summer evening as they find an abundance of animals and talk about buck fever. From roe to rhinos and Charlie tells the story of a baby rhino that’s […]

How to save rhinos

by Charlie Jacoby It’s dark. The baby rhino is in the South African savannah with her mother. Dawn is coming. She has survived the night – but the mother senses there is something wrong. She moves away from her daughter. The little rhino makes frantic peeping noises and tries to follow. It’s hopeless. The mother […]

Amazon, Sotheby’s face £250,000 fines over ivory sales

A day after the Westminster government introduced £250,000 fines and criminal convictions for dealing in ivory, shops such as Amazon and eBay and auction houses including Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams are still offering the product. The ban under the 2018 Ivory Act is designed to stop the trade in ivory. It came into force on […]