Best airguns for hunting 2022

You don’t have to spend £1,000 on a pre-charged pneumatic airgun – or PCP for short – in order to hunt rabbits, but it helps! That’s the message from West Country gunshop owner Ian Hodge. He picks two of his most popular PCP airguns off the shelf to explain. There’s a BSA R10 with rubberised […]

Scotland snare scare

by Deborah Hadfield The Scottish government is considering the future use of snares. It has approached a range of fieldsports groups for their views. However, the Scottish Countryside Alliance is concerned that the consultation on snaring could be the first step to it being banned. Currently, you need Scottish government ‘accreditation’ to use snares in […]

A car hits a deer every seven minutes in England In the UK, in 2022, you are twice as likely to hit a deer than in 1997. That risk has gone up fourfold since 1980. The government-funded Deer Initiative estimates there could be up to 74,000 road accidents involving deer each year. Deer vehicle collisions injure hundreds of people and cause more than 16 million pounds […]

African predator hunting platform How do they shoot pesky predators in Africa? The distances can be bigger and the terrain wilder than the south of England. The principal is the same. Where they score is innovative use of a revolving seat mounted in the back of the bakkie. Predator control instructors MF Scheun and Mario Standing from the […]

Fieldsports Britain – modern foxshooting A lot of foxes fall over in this week’s episode, which asks the question: what’s happened to foxshooting in recent years? Gamekeeper’s Diary legend Geoff Garrod tells the story of foxshooting and predator control by gamekeepers from early fox drivers, via lamping, to the thermal scopes of today. Plus we look at innovation from […]

Gamekeeper’s Diary: 15 years on Garrod is a gamekeeping legend. The estate where he works in the East of England is famous thanks to his Keepers Diary DVD series, which he made in the early 2000s. Now he looks back on those DVDs and explains how gamekeeping has moved on, and how gamekeepers are the best people to manage […]


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