Borth Zoo: from lions and lynx to dogs and ducks

by Ben O’Rourke This is the story of the British relationship with pets and livestock. In June 2020, Fieldsports News visited Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Wales. At the time, mounting debts, the escape of a lynx that had to be shot, and the government’s economically punishing lockdowns saw its owners threaten to kill their […]

Fieldsports Britain – buck meat hunt Are there more deer than ever before? Deerstalker Tom Davies says yes, as he heads out to shoot fallow prickets and sorrels for his game meat business. He is on Dartmoor, where the fallow population is climbing and climbing. We have two news features this week. What’s the future of the Kennel Club’s relationship […]

Dog trainer lams into the Kennel Club

Controversy over force-free approach to gundog training by Deborah Hadfield There’s a growing split at the heart of gundog training, and it centres on the Kennel Club. Steve Moran has been training dogs for more than 30 years. He works with dogs from all over the country at his kennels in Cheshire. Steve, who runs […]


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