Trail hunt ban defeated – Fieldsports News, 13 September 2023

Here are the links: Trail hunt ban defeated – Countryside Alliance RSPB accuses gamekeepers – Daily Mail Scottish businesses reject bill – Yahoo Thieves hit clay ground again – JustGiving appeal page Prince Harry charity buys 2,000 rhinos – African Parks Saltwater fly festival – Clock ticking for capercaillie – GWCT press release Rimfire […]

Fieldsports Britain – Thermal poult protection Gamekeepers are busy protecting their vulnerable young birds from foxes, poachers and more – and thermal is a vital and versatile tool. Paul Childerley and his team take the latest thermal kit from Zeiss out on their rounds to see how it performs.Meanwhile Ollie Williams heads to Scotland to experience a thrilling high partridge […]

How gamekeepers use thermal

Keeping their birds alive and well is every gamekeeper’s priority – and the biggest threat to their pheasants, ducks and partridges is foxes. Thermal technology gives keepers the tools to outwit such a cunning predator. German optics company Zeiss has just released a range of thermal spotters and a front mounted add-on for a riflescope. […]

Ollie Williams takes on Aikengall’s extreme partridges

Ollie Williams is excited to shoot at Aikengall & Monynut, not far from Edinburgh. It’s famed for showing high partridges in stunning Scottish scenery. Ollie is shooting his favourite side-by-side, and Eley VIP Game cartridges, with 32g of no.5 shot. He takes a while to find the right lead on the high, fast birds. Meanwhile […]

Tier One Quick Detach scope mount

Tier One are renowned for their precision Monomount scope mounts – but what if you want to swap your scope to another rifle? Their new quick-detach mount is the answer. “It’s got all the bnefits of the Monomount,” explains Ryan Charlton of distributors Highland Outdoors. “It’s made from a single piece of 7000 series aluminium […]

Are we in danger of wiping out our deer? – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 80

The enthusiasm of British politicians for massacring British deer is starting to worry deer managers. Five guests on the stage of the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre in 2023 discuss the animal’s future in the  UK. They are deer experts Niall Rowantree and Martin Edwards, Mark Russell from Carter Jonas, whose clients deal with deer […]


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