Tier One are renowned for their precision Monomount scope mounts – but what if you want to swap your scope to another rifle? Their new quick-detach mount is the answer. “It’s got all the bnefits of the Monomount,” explains Ryan Charlton of distributors Highland Outdoors. “It’s made from a single piece of 7000 series aluminium so it’s as true as possible.”

The quick-detatch levers have locking buttons so they can’t be snagged and release accidentally. “The mechanism ensures that the clamping force is at 90 degrees, ensuring a consistent mount,” Ryan adds. “It’s available in tube sizes from 30mm to 40mm, and you can choose built-in cant from 0 to 20 moa.”

The box includes a  levelling wedge and Torx bits, and the ring caps can be fitted with an accessory rail for a torch or red dot sight. Prices start at a little under £300.

Find out more at HighlandOutdoors.co.uk

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