Tom Davies’ three fox night

It’s January on Dartmoor and foxshooter Tom Davies has to take out the foxes that are threatening the spring lambing. He says that, recently, he and other local shooters have seen far fewer foxes around – but there are still enough to cause problems for local sheep farmers. For the Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XP50 […]

Fieldsports Britain – Cutting edge hunting tech Tim Pilbeam is trying out the latest cutting-edge hunting tech. He’s got the remarkable new Gemini multi-spectral binoculars from Infiray, and two mad inventors visit his range to demonstrate their solutions for shooting non-toxic ammo. Tom Davies is on lamb protection duty, shooting foxes on Dartmoor. In Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy he’s teaching Nicole […]

Armed police confront Ollie Williams pigeon shoot – Fieldsports News, 10 January 2024

Here are the links: Armed police confront Ollie Williams pigeon shoot Instagram Microchipped foxes Facebook Scottish deer consultation and BASC Fox predation research GWCT Shooting businesses treated like sex workers Telegraph Pine martens return to New Forest East Yorkshire shooting ground closure Facebook Heather burning alternative Michigan swan cull and ZZ […]

Lightweight shotguns for game

Game shooters often prefer a lighter weight shotgun, especially for walked-up shooting where you may be carrying the gun for some distance, along with all your other kit and cartridges. Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country reckons the Yildiz is a good choice. It has a lightweight alloy action, coming in at an overall weight around […]

Is this the future of hunting?

Is this what hunting will look like in the future? Tim Pilbeam is sitting back in his comfy seat, spying for deer with the very latest multi-spectral thermal imaging binoculars from Infiray, his rifle loaded with a prototype non-toxic bullet created by a mad inventor who visits Tim’s range to demonstrate his groundbreaking new ammo. […]

Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy

Terry Doe is the acknowledged master of airgun shooting, and in this new series he is passing on the skills, tips and techniques developed over a lifetime of hunting and competing. Hawke Optics PreciHoleSports For details of the RTI range of air rifles and GPO scopes, go to Terry’s rules for shooting […]


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