The countryside kicks off its election campaign

One of the UK’s most prestigious game shoots has kicked off the countryside’s general election campaign, with a charity shoot to raise funds for the Countryside Alliance’s lobbying. Warter Priory is one of the most exciting and sumptuous driven game shoots in the country. Once a year they run a charity shoot, where the clays […]

Reloading with Sako – how to save £20 a box on ammo

Deer manager and gamekeeper Paul Childerley has been reloading his ammunition for years, mainly for the cost savings. With the change to copper bullets Paul wanted a Sako round in .243 for roe, but the factory loads hadn’t arrived in the UK. He asked a friend to develop a load for him, using the copper […]

FAB 1: latest work of the Fieldsports Advice Bureau

Layla McGuigan from the FAB Fieldsports Advice Bureau says what she has been advising members who are battling police firearms departments against certificate revocations and renewal refusals. To get access to Layla’s advice, join the Fieldsports Nation and fund our fight for fieldsports in the media. Go to for full details To join for YouTube […]

Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy

Terry Doe is the acknowledged master of airgun shooting, and in this new series he is passing on the skills, tips and techniques developed over a lifetime of hunting and competing. Hawke Optics PreciHoleSports For details of the RTI range of air rifles and GPO scopes, go to Terry’s rules for […]


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