Norfolk muntjac stalking

Jason Doyle takes Irish friend John Foxton deerstalking in Norfolk with Henry Skeffington. They are after muntjac as a swap hunt. Henry has already come over to Ireland to stalk deer. Plus Jason discusses the legal differences between guided stalking in the UK and Ireland ▶ For more about Henry Skeffington and The Real Big […]

Irish rough shoot

In the latest of his Wild Wing Shooting series, Jason Doyle is shooting pheasants and, well, whatever he comes across with Matt Jarvis, a Londoner who moved to Ireland for the sport. ▶ Gamebore supplies the cartridges ▶ The Benelli 828u came from GMK ▶ Clothing from Jack Pyke ▶ This item […]

Wonderful walked-up pheasants – Fieldsports Ireland, episode 7

Wonderful walked-up pheasants  – Fieldsports Ireland, episode 7

 For Fieldsports Ireland episode 7, Jason Doyle is out with a Brit. Matt Jarvis moved to Ireland from the UK because he loves shooting – and eating what he shoots. His idea of a great day out is a walk around with dog and gun. You have to stay on your toes when you […]


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