Shooting clothing – a tailor’s guide to sizing When you buy a ‘large’ jacket from one clothing company and it’s the same as a ‘2XL’ from another, and both of them seem to be about the same as a ‘medium’ from ten years ago, what’s going on? We talk to a top tailor about how much of a muddle clothing sizes are […]

What’s the trajectory difference between a .22 and a .177? What’s the trajectory difference between a .22 and a .177 airgun pellet? Johnny Muston fron R&K Stockcraft  tries them side by side on different targets at different ranges and ‘maps’ the trajectories, so you can see the difference in holdover. For more from R&K Stockcraft, visit  

Ridgeline Monsoon jacket – review Many stalkers and wildfowlers choose a Ridgeline smock for the excellent protection it gives, but what if you prefer a jacket that you can open all the way down the front?  The Ridgeline Monsoon jacket promises the best of both worlds: the convenience of a conventional jacket, with the same protection as a smock. […]


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