Thermal spotter vs hunting binoculars

  Tim Pilbeam is deerstalking with a difference: he’s fieldtesting for us. What are the best binoculars for hunting? And what should you look for when buying binoculars for hunting? Are thermal binoculars any good? As well as the chance to shoot a doe, he wants to work out when to use a thermal scope […]

Swarovski bets on field of view with NL Pure hunting binoculars

  Swarovski’s new binoculars have an amazing field-of view, great quality glass at an eye-watering £2,370. Tim Pilbeam tries them out as he searches for this year’s best hunting (and fishing) binoculars.   Forget light transmission, forget ease-of-use – they are last year’s optic USPs. Swarovski’s three new binocular launches push a new boundary: it’s […]


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