The £79.99 Roesafe is a handy pop-up tent for carcases. You can hang it from a tree, and it will protect your deer from flies and vermin. Shoot one animal, pop it in the Roesafe, then go on and shoot another.

Geoff Wickett from Chiltern Venison reckons it’s a useful bit of kit. It comes folded flat for carrying. Geoff finds it easy to pop open, and it has a full-length zip that runs easily.

It’s important to hang the Roesafe in a sheltered place out of the sun, and ensure there are no flies already inside when you zip it up around a carcase.

There’s a drip tray inside to catch any blood which would otherwise get onto the material. The Roesafe is hand-washable using warm water and mild detergent.

The instructions state that the Roesafe is designed to support a weight of 50 kg (110 lbs). “This is built for roe so it has a fairly light fitting for hanging the deer,” Geoff says. “I want to hang a couple of fallow in there, so I’ll probably knock up a bar that’s a bit stronger and spreads them out a bit so they aren’t touching.”

He points out that the Roesafe is quite tall – a benefit if you want to hang a larger carcase – so you might want to use a pulley system to get it high enough into the tree.

“But yes, it’s a nice bit of kit. I’m pleased with it,” he concludes.

The manufacturers also make a Gamesafe designed for smaller quarry such as pheasants. For more about the Roesafe, go to

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