The RSPB – Britain’s new gamekeeper?

The RSPB wants to get a job as the nation’s gamekeeper. It looks like it wants to get rid of all the other gamekeepers, too.

At its AGM on Saturday 26 October 2019, Kevin Cox, chair ofthe RSPB Council announced that the organisation would be reviewing its policy on game bird shooting and ‘associated land management’. According to the Daily Telegraph, it is expected to announce its opposition to game bird shooting. Here is the RSPB announcement.

Is the RSPB a cuckoo in shooting’s nest? Charlie Jacoby talks to people on all sides of the argument as he attempts to find out what the RSPB is up to.

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▶ Here is the RSPB statement:
Kate Jennings, the RSPB’s head of sites conservation policy said: “Nature is in trouble. We all want a countryside that is protected, cared for and vibrant with wildlife. Gamekeepers can play an important role in helping some species of conservation concern to recover, as we all work to try and reverse the shocking declines seen in populations of birds, mammals and other animals.
“Unfortunately, the actions of some individuals in the shooting community mean that we still have a problem with illegal killing of protected wildlife in some areas. This activity has been rightly condemned by everyone who cares about our countryside wildlife, including many gamekeepers.
“Most gamekeepers continue to play an important role in supporting wildlife, and we will strive to work with and learn from them in future.“

Mark Thomas’s film is here. He does not think it is fake. We do:

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