You no longer need a blowtorch or ice pack to zero your thermal riflescope. Therm-X brings military target tech to the sport shooter, so you can practise shooting in the dark, whether it’s with a centrefire, rimfire or air rifle. The idea is simple – take a steel target and heat it using a battery. The targets come in all shapes and sizes and remain warm for around three hours – plenty of time to get zeroed. To help showcase these targets, Zeiss brand ambassador Paul Childerley is using the latest Zeiss thermal gear to explain what is happening down-range.

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Basic night vision: a guide for airgunners

Night vision optics are a game changer for airgun hunting. With a day-night scope you can target rats and rabbits at night, and make the most of low light at dawn and dusk, when a lot of quarry is most likely to present an opportunity for a shot. But with

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Tested: HIK Micro Falcon FQ50 Pro thermal spotter Mark Ripley, known as 260Rips on YouTube, is testing the latest thermal spotter from Scott Country: the HikMicro Falcon FQ50 Pro. He uses it to spot foxes, deer and rabbits, day or night, as part of his pest control duties. Today he’s after rabbits on a farm where they’re

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