Lamping and night vision

Roy’s Thermal Foxshoot

Roy Lupton is hunting down the foxes that are feasting on lambs. He is armed with thermal and lamp, and on patrol around a farm

Fox Shooting with George Digweed

Top clay shooter George Digweed is also an ace rifle shot. We join him foxshooting in Sussex. This film first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode

Pheasant Feeder Ratting

Pheasant Feeder Ratting

This week Darren is out to show a gamekeeper just how effective air rifles are for pest control. Using the Photon XT on top of

Spring Foxshooting

Roy Lupton is hunting the foxes that are feeding off lambs in his part of Kent. The farms he looks after are under extra pressure

Crow’s lamping rabbits

How are rabbits doing? Last year Kent farm manager Andy Crow reports a major slump in the population as rabbit haemorrhagic disease took hold. This

Dorset Foxshooter

There’s a big, fat fox taking ducks on a shoot, and other foxes congregating in the lambing fields. It all means work for Dorset foxshooter

Lighting up the bunnies

Roger Lait has his hands on more thermal spotting kit and scopes from Pulsar. Tonight he is using it to keep down the rabbit population

High-fiving foxshooters

Two shooters from Somerset are on fox patrol around a shoot when they come across a foxshooting field of dreams. Find out how Stephen Phillips

AR Foxshooting in Essex

The rabbits have taken over a nice garden in Essex, and the foxes aren’t far behind. Who you going to call? Roger Lait. He has

Foxshooting in August

Roy Lupton is out after foxes in August. With the harvest just over, he wants to call in the foxes that have recently been disguised

Shooting Foxes with Thermal

Roy’s out for an evening on the foxes. It’s his first evening out for a while, as his birds have been keeping him at home

Airgun vs Rimfire

Airgun vs Rimfire

Tim Pilbeam is a powder hound. He likes guns that use cartridges with propellant. Chris Kemp works for airgun manufacturer Air Arms. So whose rifle

On test: Sako Quad

In the latest ‘Federal on the farm’, Andy Crow takes his Sako Quad and two different cartridges out into the field to see what works

Roys Marshland Foxes

Roys Marshland Foxes

Grey partridges are thriving on this area of marshland in Kent, but only because Roy Lupton is controlling the foxes. The job tonight is clearing

How to Shoot 100 Rats

Here’s how to have a massive pest control outing. Cai Ap Bryn hefts his trusty Air Arms airgun and an array of night vision to


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