Top hunting YouTuber accidentally shoots illegal immigrant

Ilic Igor from Serval Channel accidentally shot an Iraqi through both legs in Croatia. He was out shooting wild boar and jackals at night with night vision or thermal. He shot a jackal at around 2.30am on 2 April 2019 with a .300 Win Mag. The bullet passed through the animal and hit a man 70m behind it, hidden in a bush with a group of 15 illegal immigrants.

Ilic Igor

Igor called emergency services and the man was taken to hospital, where he is in a critical condition. Police later arrested Igor. He is thought to be awaiting charge.

A source close to the scene says that illegal immigrants are becoming a hazard for hunters in the Balkans. “We have, like many countries, a problem with illegals crossing hunting grounds and farms during the night using paths that only animals are using. For last few months they have been changing their routes on a daily basis to pass the border controls. Many hunting and mountain lodges have been demolished by them,” he says.

Serval Channel is one of the most popular hunting channels in the world, ranked sixth in Europe by Socialblade.