As tech hits the lamping market, the fox and rabbitshooters who prefer lamping to night vision and thermal now attach torches to their scopes. You find your animal with a handheld torch, and you quickly acquire it in your scope with your rifle-mounted torch.

While handheld lamps are still narrow in beam compared to ordinary household lamps, the torches on rifles are focusable and have super-narrow beams that throw light hundreds of metres


Viewer Tom from Co Louth in Ireland uses the Night Master XSearcher torch on his Remington 6mmBR for foxing. The wall lit by the torch is at 300 yards


Here are four you can try:

Top of the range is the Olight Warrior X, which claims to throw light out to 1,000 metres. It is available from Amazon.

1,100 lumens
Price around £140



A smaller, handy model, but no less powerful, for the Thrunite T2 torch, visit – special offer until 23 September 2020 – enter the word FIELDSPORTS at checkout for a 15% discount

3,757 lumens
Price around £80



Viking Arms imports the Streamlight range of lamps, including the Streamlight TLR-1 Game Spotter, available on Amazon

150 lumens
Price around £140


We review the Night Master 800 torch here – and you can buy it from Amazon
Price around £185

Tom from Co Louth recommends the Led Lenser i18r torch, which he uses. You can buy it from Amazon

3,000 lumens
Price around £225


A beam from a Led Lenser i18r torch, shone by Tom from Co Louth


Full disclosure

Fieldsports Channel supporter Tom from Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland imports Olight torches. It’s a range of lamps from scopemounted to handheld to headmounted. You can view the range on Amazon here or at

Taclight has been a Fieldsports Channel sponsor in the past.

Thrunite donated a T2 torch to give away in a competition to the Fieldsports Nation. Charlie Jacoby tries out the Thrunite T2 torch in this film:

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