Tweed – which is best, traditional or modern?

Tweed has been the traditional choice for generations of stalkers and game shooters, and it still works as well as ever. It’s smart, warm and comfortable, and remarkably good at keeping out the wet although it will become heavy when waterlogged.

There’s a modern alternative however – the lightweight, waterproof, stretchy, printed tweed suit. So which one is better?

Härkila's modern tweed printed shooting jacket is lightweight and waterproof

“At the end of the day it’s down to personal choice,” explains Simon Esnouf from Härkila in the UK. “The printed tweed is amazing. It’s very lightweight, and the stretch makes a massive difference when you’re shooting.”

Simon goes on syndicate shoots that demand a lot of walking, so he appreciates the light weight of the modern material. “This will do a perfect job without me overheating and needing to take layers off,” he says.

For the traditional look, you can't beat real tweed

Then again, Härkila make a traditional tweed suit that is surprisingly light, and it moves easily due to the way it is cut. It has a drop liner to keep it waterproof, and it doesn’t become so heavy as old fashioned heavy tweed.

“It looks fantastically smart too,” says Simon. If you’re a traditional sort of person, and you’re out shooting when it isn’t teeming down with rain all day, it could be just what you want.

Härkila's tweed shooting suit is lighter and more flexible than you might expect

“I’d normally turn to the modern printed tweed, but if I was going on a really posh day, I’d choose the traditional tweed,” Simon says. “You need both is the real answer!”

Jason is wearing the Stornoway 2.0 HWS Jacket priced at £449.99, Breeks with HWS £249.99, and Baker Boy cap £49.99. The breeks without waterproof membrane are £199.99.

Simon wears the Stornoway Shooting Jacket at £369.99, Breeks at £199.99, and Retrieve silk tie olive £29.99.

Find out more at the Härkila website.

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