UK gets nasty about guns and animals – Fieldsports News, 11 September 2019

In this week’s news:

Scotland wild mammal consultation – website
UK consultation on firearms licensing – website
Perruque buck (it’s a fallow, not a roe – apologies)
Stolen puppies returned – Facebook
Badger cull – Facebook
Antis hit East Essex Hunt country
Rachel Carrie cookbook – website
Hunt Magazine – website
Muntjac book:

British MP backs BASC bird-box
London photographer captures ‘stag party’
Militant vegan kills 100 rabbits – YouTube
Anti violence in Sweden – YouTube
Moose wander into football stadium – website
Antis attacking Trump over rhino
US grabs 10,000 ATN app user details – YouTube
Zimbabwean academic tears into anti-hunters – Facebook
The Daily Show lams into hunting tourism – Facebook
Vegan court case over barbecue smells – website
700lb alligator is new Georgia state record