Vinnie’s new shooting vehicle

Vinnie Jones has a new shooting vehicle. The Hollywood actor, former footballer and keen shooter made this video himself as he went to pick it up from Stuart Brown Body Repairs, which did the work on it. An incredibly detailed job, it took two years.

Based on a 1995 Land Rover Defender and a Sperrin dog trailer, it now has leather seats, a hatch in the back for lamping, and Vinnie’s name on the steering wheel and door handles.

Vinnie’s old friend, Petworth headkeeper David Whitby was on hand to watch the star take a look at the new wheels.

Nice wheels: the new vehicle and trailer
Vinnie shooting at Six Mile Bottom

Vinnie has also put his name to Salt & Vinnie-gar crisps from the London Crisp Company. Look out for those (crunchier than Walkers Crisps’ Salt & Lineker flavour).

The finished article

If you want a shooting vehicle as beautiful as this, contact the man who built it, Stuart Brown 07779574534 – and for more about the crisps, visit

Vinnie Jones’ new hunting vehicle from the front
The finished vehicle
Vinnie Jones’ new hunting vehicle
The vehicle is based on a 1995 Land Rover Defender and Sperrin dog trailer. Here it is before the work took place
The original vehicle and trailer
Vinnie’s name engraved on the steering wheel
Vinnie’s name on the door handles
The respray
The respray
The job involved cutting a hole in the roof of the vehicle for lamping
The new dog trailer is based on an old Sperrin trailer from Northern Ireland
…and you can buy the crisps

Click here to watch our film about Vinnie shooting:

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