Which UK shooting organisation for you in 2023?

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Here’s our rundown of the insurance offer from the top 12 shooting organisations you can join  in the UK (full annual membership price in brackets):

  • BASC (£85) gives you £10 million of public liability, employer liability, product liability and personal accident cover, but no legal cover.
  • The GWCT (£105) offers £10 million public and product liability cover, and legal cover for health and safety or if you kill someone.
  • The Countryside Alliance (£80) offers public liability cover, and its website says it offers legal liability cover, too.
  • The NGO (£45) is fabulously cheap, offers public liability insurance for up to £10 million, and will sell you legal cover for another £27.50 a year.
  • SACS and Countrysports Ireland both offer similar cover including legal cover as part of a £52 annual sub for SACs, €60 sub for Countrysports Ireland – no idea how many members – neither of them say – not that many, then.
  • Safari Club International ($90) but has a comprehensive list of insurance bolt-ons you can buy. And if you are planning to shoot in the US or Canada, be aware that amy of the ‘global’ plans offered by UK shooting organisations do not cover north America.
  • For the others, go to:
  • Scottish Gamekeepers Association (£40
  • British Deer Society (£60
  • CPSA (£52
  • NRA (£98.75)
  • NSRA (£85)
  • Fieldsports Nation (£50

None of the associations cover shoot cancellation. You need specialist insurance for that. Check their websites.

On membership prices, there are plenty of deals available for family members or equine workers or gamekeepers or young people – you name it – they are out there.


Shooting organisation infographic:

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