White deer shows itself in Michigan

Magical, mysterious, white deer evoke a reaction wherever they are seen. The classic ‘white hart’ of British myth is an albino red stag or fallow buck.

In April 2019, An American captured this photo of an albino deer in Michigan, USA.

White whitetail

There are places where leucism in deer happens regularly. In 2009, Dumfries & Galloway was home to this leucistic white roebuck:

In 2018, a rare white roebuck was found living quietly in the Czech Republic. The albino buck is on the hunting ground of Fieldsports Channel viewer Folkert van Hoogevest. He runs hunting agency ArtemisBohemia – but he says he will not allow this animal to be shot.

“Although we already got offers from hunters around EU, having seen the film on Instagram, we will not shoot it and let it become old,” he says.

The white buck
The white buck

He is also coy about exactly where the buck lives.

“It is now two year old. We have been following it since it was a kid,” he says.

There was a white muntjac in Oxfordshire in 2017.

White muntjac

The animal turned up on the ground of sporting agent Cervus UK. Cervus’s Owen Beardsmore posted pictures of the buck on Facebook and YouTube, adding that it is not for shooting.

Other white animals pop up, too, such as this white fox in Kent:

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