Who’s the best airgunner in the world?

Who is the best air rifle and air pistol shot in the world? The International Shooting Sports Federation found out at the 10-metre championships – and you can watch it all here. These fims have all the action from Osijek, Croatia, March 2019, at the ISSF European 10m Championships.

Air rifle

Air rifle men final
23 March, 9.30am

Russian Vladimir Maslennikov won gold in this event, renewing his title from last year. Hie came from third position, but only 0.6 behind leading team mate Evgeny Panchenko, who went on to take bronze. Silver went to France’s Brian Baudouin.

Air rifle women, final
23 March, 11am

A new crop of top women shooters are coming through. Romania’s Laura-Georgeta Coman took gold, Switzerland’s Nina Christen took silver and Austria’s Franziska Peer bronze, all of them on the pdium for the first time.

Air rifle men junior, final
18 March, 5.30pm

Czech Filip Nepejchal won gold with a new European junior record of 252.0.

Air rifle women junior, final
18 March, 1.45pm

Air rifle mixed team, men/Women, final
23 March, 4pm

Medal matches, air rifle team women
24 March, 5.30pm

The Russian women team won gold, beating Italy, just a few hours after the Italian men’s team beat the Russiaan men. Romania took Bronze.

Medal matches, air rifle men team
24 March, 12.30pm

In the semifinals, the Russian team of Vladimir Maslennikov, Evgeny Panchenko and Alexander Dryagin beat the Belarus 14-8. Hungary and Serbia had a tight match in the other semi-final. Serbia won the shoot off 30.8 to Hungary’s 30.7. Hungary went on to take bronze. The Russian team ruled the gold match and beat Serbia 17-5. Every set was 31.1 points or more, the best 32.0.

Air rifle men junior team event
20 March, 1.45pm

Air rifle women junior team event
20 March, 6.15pm

Air rifle mixed team junior, final
19 March, 12pm

Air pistol

Air pistol men, final
23 March, 2pm

Ukrainian Pavlo Korstylov won gold.

Air pistol women, final
23 March, 12.30pm

Klaudia Bres of Poland won her first Air Pistol European Championship. Greece’s Anna Korakaki took silver and Veronika Major bronze.

Air pistol men junior, final
19 March, 2.30pm

Russia’s Anton Aristarkhov took gold, silver went to Belarus for Abdul-Aziz Kurdzi who lost finally 0.7. Bronze went to Robin Walter from Germany.

Medal matches, air pistol men team
24 March, 3pm

Italy showed that their pistol tradition is strong. Giuseppe Giordano, Paolo Monna and Alessio Torrocchi beat the Russian Federation team, even with Russia leading 12-8 at one stage. Ukraine took bronze.

Medal matches, air pistol women team
24 March, 10am

Germany needed only 12 shot to achieve the place into the Gold Match in 10m Air Pistol Women Team semifinal. Germany beat Russian Federation 14-10. In the other semifinal, Hungary met Ukraine. In eight minutes, Ukraine beat Hungary 13-5 with 9 shots. Ukraine was a favorite team in Gold Match but Germany fought strongly and finally took the victory with 16-8. Germany won even 5 shots in line and that break the skeleton of the Ukrainian team. Gold for happy German team which consisted of Sandra Reitz, Monika Karsch and Doreen Vennekamp. Russia took bronze.

Air pistol mixed team, men/women final
24 March, 5.45pm

Air pistol men junior team event
20 March, 4pm

Air pistol women junior team event
20 March, 11.30am

Air pistol mixed team junior, final
18 March, 11.30am

For a bit of fun: the opening ceremony


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