Why are target bullets longer than hunting bullets?


What’s the difference between target and hunting rounds? Sako Cartridges’ Aki Suvilahti says the biggest difference is in the manufacturing process.

The hollowpoint boat-tail bullets that Sako makes for its hunting cartidges have to be manufactured more precisely than solid target ammunition.

“Production consistency is all about accuracy,” he says.

Sako makes boat-tail match ammunition for target-shooting, too. A boat-tail also means you can have more length in your bullet, and more length means a higher ballistic coefficient (BC).

“The higher the BC, the flatter the trajectory,” says Aki.

Sako’s TRG Precision


He shows off Sako’s TRG Precision match cartridge loaded with a boattail bullet as an example. “This is very fast,” he says. “We prefer heavier bullets for this, because these rounds are used for long-range shots, and heavier bullets are less affected by the wind.”

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