Buzzard shot in Kent

  A group of walkers have filmed what could be a buzzard being shot in Kent. On 10 October 2020, members of the public out walking stopped to watch the bird in flight, on land adjoining the south-west boundary of the RSPB’s Northward Hill reserve near High Halstow. One of them started filming it on […]

GSG Firefly 22 Rimfire Long Barrel Pistol – review

  The closest thing to a tactical handgun that you can buy in the UK, pistol-shooters will say the 22 Rimfire GSG Firefly looks familiar. That’s because it’s almost identical to the Sig Sauer Mosquito. GSG used to make the Mosquito for SIG, which dropped it a few years ago, allowing GSG to resurrect the […]

Savage 110 Precision Elite rifle – review

  The 110 Precision Elite from Savage Arms is “built from the bottom up for competition use”, says Ben Mcilwaine, a competition rifle shooter sponsored by Edgar Brothers, which imports Savage rifles into the UK. The rifle has an MDT ACC titanium nitride chassis, allowing complete customisation of weight and balance to minimise recoil and […]

Yildiz SPZ ME shotgun – review

  Lightweight but strong and steel-proofed sums up the SPZ ME range by Turkish gunmaker Yildiz. The SPZ ME range of Yildiz shotgun has a growing following among British shooters. In Fieldsports Channel’s research, viewer Paul from the UK rates his SPZ ME five stars for looks, reliability and value for money. He uses it […]

Bushnell Nitro 1800 Laser Rangefinder – review

  Bushnell’s Nitro Laser Range Finder works up to 2,000 yards (with all the upgrades) and is Bluetooth compatible, so you can link it to smartphone apps and ballistics calculators such as Kestrel. Even without upgrades it works to 800 yards. Accuracy is +/- 1 yard. It’s also got built-in arc technology for calculating angles […]

Zoli XL-Evo shotgun – review

  Rob Dunlea-Jones from Edgar Brothers shows us his customised XL-Evo Shotgun from Italian gunmaker Zoli. A lefty, Rob had his stock fitted for him in Italy, so it looks different to other models. But it’s got the same focus on balance. As well as owning his own XL-Evo, Rob’s employer Edgar Brothers imports Zoli […]

Savage B22 – review

  The Savage B22 Precision is the affordable match rimfire rifle for .22LR competitions. It will perform on the range, you can use it for plinking and it’s even an accurate choice for rabbits and other vermin. Its MDT chassis is built from a single piece of aluminium, to make it stable, and has M-LOK […]


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