How to stand when shooting – Smokin’ Targets with Ben Husthwaite

Your shotgun won’t point in the right direction unless you get your footwork right. Champion shooter Ben Husthwaite explains the correct posture for shooting. ▶ This item is sponsored by Gamebore ▶ For more from the clayground, visit Sporting Targets ▶ Ben’s website is ▶ For all of Ben’s films on Fieldsports Channel, click here […]

Deerhunting Guide Skills

Top deerstalking guide Paul Childerley has a new assistant. He teaches young Sam the dark arts of being the perfect deer guide on a muntjac stalk in the South-East of England. ▶ For the new Zeiss rangefinder, visit ▶ Paul’s clothing is by Shooterking ▶ For Sako rifles, visit ▶ For Pulsar, go […]

Fieldsports Britain – Paul’s Deerstalking Padawan

Becoming a deerstalking guide for Paul Childerley Sporting is tougher than Jedi training. Paul is out after muntjac with his young apprentice Sam, and puts him through his paces, playing the tough client. There’s more education from Ben Husthwaite. He shows how to place your feet so you can shoot straight. Posture is everything. And […]

Great White Sharks on a Boat – Fishing Britain NEWS

It’s all the weekly fishing news you need in one short item… – A Scottish fish farm has lost 155,000 salmon as a result of extreme weather. – Cast for Life is back again for 2014. – Guinness World of Records may have given up on fishing and shooting but there are still plenty who […]

Keepers praised for Saddleworth wildfire response

The wildfires raging across Saddleworth Moor in Yorkshire sparked a rapid response from the area’s gamekeepers. Helping firefighters with equipment and logistics, staff from local shooting estates were among the first on the scene, which is on land owned by United Utiliites and managed by the RSPB. In this video, one of the keepers, Richard […]

Namibia bans trophy shots on Facebook

It looks like Namibia is banning trophy photos on social media. Wildlife populations in Namibia are booming thanks to hunting. However, the country is scared of the negatve publicity that trophy photos generate in the wider media. This letter is from the Namibia Environment and Tourism Department, and demands big game hunters do not post […]


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