Fieldsports News, 10 January 2019

Chris Packham says hunt ban doesn’t work Jeremy Paxman begs Britain to stop buying farmed salmon Gamekeepers clear fly tipping Bereleigh Shoot noise pollution case SEAT offends foxhunters National Trust cancels trail hunting on the Long Mynd Poland plans mass wild boar extermination Australian antis are up a gum tree over duck Cabela’s falls foul […]

Fox smashes up kitchen

Fox smashes up kitchen

A fox went on the rampage in a couple’s home. It left such a mess they thought they had stumbled on a murder scene. Malcom Gerrard, 58, and his partner Katie Hayward went downstairs to investigate a huge crash in their kitchen. Painter and decorator Malcolm told the Isle of Wight County Press newspaper: “I thought […]

Swarovski EL binoculars – 2021 reboot

by Charlie Jacoby You see your animal through your binos, you shoot, it drops out of sight. Now Swarovski has come up with binos that help you find the carcase. The new EL range, launched in 2021, has a ‘tracking assistant’ that not only rangefinds your animal but places it on a digital map on […]


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