Swarovski EL and ELO Range binoculars

by Charlie Jacoby

Swarovski EL and ELO Range binoculars are designed to combine Swarovski quality with a range finding capability.

They come in the standard deerstalking sizes of 8×42 and 10×42 and include an easy-to-use rangefinder. Simply point them at your target, click the button on top of the binos, release, after a couple of seconds, you get the range in metres.

The ELO – the ‘O’ stands for ‘orange’ – are that colour so if you put them down on the hill you will easily be able to find them again.

Here is Michael Ott from manufacturer Swarovski to explain them:


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Want to see these Swarovski binos in action? We take them on a hind cull in Scotland:

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