Countryfile goes pro-shooting – Fieldsports News, 12 February 2020

Here are the links: Countryfile backs countrysports – BBC RSPCA supports unsustainable salmon farming – The Times and YouTube Charity Commission slams National Rifle Association – press release Eagle suffers from satellite tag – Facebook Guinea fowl slow Lyme disease – news story Social media site for shooters Livestock farmers face rise in theft […]

Shooter arrested, threatened, abused

Barry Swain is a pest controller from Yorkshire who has paying clients who help him shoot. He had a job for a farmer to clear out a large number of Canada geese. They shot some geese and he posted the photo of the result on Facebook. It had lots of ‘likes’ from his friends. Imagine […]

Carly and Paul stalk Chinese water deer

  As she learns the ways of deer hunting, Carly Coates joins Paul Childerley. They are out after a Chinese water deer buck, a tiny deer found in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Her last outing was after Scottish red stags, so this is a much tighter shot and needs practise. Paul puts her through her paces […]

Fieldsports Britain – Small Deer Hunt

  We have hunting and hunting harassment in this week’s show. Carly Coates continues her deerstalking education as she tries for a Chinese water deer with Paul. They are stalking in Bedfordshire. Meanwhile Barry Swain, a goose shooter from Yorkshire, finds himself and his family bullied and attacked by anti-hunters, the BBC and even his […]


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