Countryfile goes pro-shooting – Fieldsports News, 12 February 2020

Here are the links:

Countryfile backs countrysports – BBC
RSPCA supports unsustainable salmon farming – The Times and YouTube
Charity Commission slams National Rifle Association – press release
Eagle suffers from satellite tag – Facebook
Guinea fowl slow Lyme disease – news story
Social media site for shooters
Livestock farmers face rise in theft – news story
Not enough hunters in the USA – Washington Post and YouTube
Botswana auctions elephant hunting licences – BBC
Edinburgh university lifts beef ban – Daily Mail
Caw blimey: corvid money-maker earns £5k – news story
Ban on feral hog hunting is a boar, say locals – news story
Man kills friend with crossbow during pitbull attack – news story
Fox attacks TV star’s dachshund in garden – The Sun
Formula 1 star shoots his way to the movies – The Sun
Canada mulls major gun ban – press release
London fox leaves political comment – The Guardian
Vizslas make wonderful tin-openers – Twitter

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