Is Bradford Council killing more baby birds? – Fieldsports News, 29 April 2020

Here are the links:

Moorland mowing caught on camera –
Gamekeepers stop wildfires –
Vigilante villagers – The Guardian
BASC backs Scottish government lockdown U-turn – The Courier
When can we fish and shoot again? #whenwefishagain – YouTube & Birmingham Mail
GWCT slams government over carrion crows (please note – we accidentally used images of an American long billed curlew in this story, not the Eurasian curlew) – GWCT
Gunmaker spends weeks under self-imposed lockdown – Facebook
Help for gunshops
Shooters raise thousands for carers
Clayshooter with cancer urgently needs to go to the USA #savesarahgray
Swans shot – Newbury Today
Kiwis allowed to hunt on private land – RNZ
Hunting and fishing ‘essential’ in Canadian province – AHN
Indian boy eaten alive by wild pigs – Daily Mail
Unlucky black cats – The Sun


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