Chris Packham and the ‘hen harrier 300’

When Chris Packham criticises grouseshooting, the BBC reports what he says. In the absence of balance, we expose three fibs the anti grouseshooters like to trot out. There should be 300 hen harrier pairs in England This comes from a JNCC report (February 2011 PDF, 1.6mb) that says there should be 2,514–2,653 pairs in the […]

Best shotgun 2020

Got your shotgun licence? Want to buy a shotgun? Baffled by the choice? Here is what the viewers of Fieldsports Channel shoot. We put our Fieldtester survey in front of you in March 2020 while lots of people were twiddling their thumbs in coronavirus lockdown, and 3,500 people got back to us. Our shotguns survey […]

On test: Aimpoint Acro – see more, shoot more

  Sometimes you shoot an animal at a good range and you are pleased with the result. Sometimes, the animal emerges from the bushes just in front of you. And occasionally, both can happen at the same time. Swedish gunsight manufacturer’s her Aimpoint reckons it has found the solution. We head to the the Fieldtester […]

Fieldsports Britain – Bouncing Tyre, Laughing Pilbeam

Tim Pilbeam is learning to shoot sideways. He has the new Acro red dot sight from Aimpoint to play with. It’s a sight you can clamp to your scope so you can still take long-range shots and, when the animals get up close, you can twist your rifle and shoot through your Acro. He shows […]

Wild Justice tries to close down pheasant shooting – Fieldsports News, 24 June 2020

Here are the links: Wild Justice granted judicial review into gamebird releases – Fieldsports News Shooting banned at Britain’s wildfowling ‘birthplace’ – Fieldsports News ‘Golf sabs’ spring up as anti-hunt groups diversify – Fieldsports News Gamekeepers mull political party amid anger about mountain hare protection – Fieldsports News Paul McCartney wants meat taken off school […]

Gun dancing: it’s now a thing, judging by videos from Russia and Australia

Warning: this may offend people with good taste. Russian Instagramer Ekaterina Subbotina has posted video of her ‘dancing’ with her shotgun at a shooting range in Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan.   View this post on Instagram   If you don’t wanna see me dancing with @glotov_94 don’t show up! 😂 #perazzihightech A post […]

Meet the ‘golf sabs’: antis hit soft targets during donation drought

Hunt saboteurs are trying to reinvent themselves and widen their support base by going after golf courses. The move coincides with a slump in donations to worthy causes – and sabs – due to coronavirus lockdowns. North Dorset Hunt Sabs issued a call to action on Facebook on 17 June 2020 telling people to spam […]


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