Wild Justice tries to close down pheasant shooting – Fieldsports News, 24 June 2020

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Wild Justice granted judicial review into gamebird releases – Fieldsports News
Shooting banned at Britain’s wildfowling ‘birthplace’ – Fieldsports News
‘Golf sabs’ spring up as anti-hunt groups diversify – Fieldsports News
Gamekeepers mull political party amid anger about mountain hare protection – Fieldsports News
Paul McCartney wants meat taken off school dinner menus – Vegan magazine
Expat boasts biggest mirror caught by a Brit – Anglers Mail
Rhinos at risk as private landowners’ de-investment rises – Academic study
Safari Club wins six-year battle over import ban – SCI
Canadian ‘Pig Save’ protester killed by truck carrying pigs – Globe & Mail
Vegan vows to keep terrorising farmers – Daily Mail
Kiwi government plans to wipe out another non-native – Facebook
Butch and Gundancing – Fieldsports News


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