RSPB’s £74,000 cirl buntings

What’s the going rate for saving a songbird? The RSPB successfully persuaded one local council it should get £74,193 of taxpayers’ cash per pair of cirl buntings. The councillors are shocked. Cllr Chris Clarance of Teignmouth District Council calls it a ‘heck of a lot of money’ that could put to better use, now that […]

Fieldsports Britain – deer double in the rut

  Roy goes for dramatic stalking success in the New Forest, hunting a massive sika stag, and using his Aimpoint Acro on a muntjac, too. Find out how he gets on. That’s not all. On the shotgunning side, rabbits targets are the bane of the sporting scene. World champion Sam Green offers his top tips […]

Best hunting rifles for 2021

top centrefire rifles fieldsports

What do you shoot? Among Fieldsports Channel viewers, deerstalking is the big one with 38% of you out after deer, followed by 31% of you foxshooters, 15% of you are target shooters, 11% of you shoot wild boar and 5% hunt other overseas big game. There is plenty of overlap between the disciplines here. All […]

Boris buddy backs sab trespass – Fieldsports News, 28 October 2020

Here are the links: Goldsmith urges government not to criminalise trespass – Daily Telegraph Owners devastated by rising dog thefts – Fieldsports News Crackpot doomsday cultists doorstep David Attenborough – Fieldsports News Hull resident horrified after RSPCA shoots ‘happy’ goose – Hull Daily Mail European shooters concerned about lead ban – Instagram Lewis Hamilton slammed […]

How to find a bouncing bunny ‘hold point’, with Sam Green

It’s the shot at the sporting clay shot that’s bound to let you down – but it doesn’t have to, says Browning-sponsored world champion Sam Green. He says that the secret to shooting bouncing rabbits targets successfully is to find the hold point. He explains what that means in this video. For Browning, go to […]

Hunting massive gold-medal sika deer

Sika Deer Photo

  Roy is out in the New Forest during the sika deer rut. The stags have been whistling and clashing antlers in the deer rutting season, and he uses his best deer rut call skills to create the necessary deer rutting noise to call them in. Plus he has a call for a muntjac, and […]


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