Boris buddy backs sab trespass – Fieldsports News, 28 October 2020

Here are the links:
Goldsmith urges government not to criminalise trespass – Daily Telegraph
Owners devastated by rising dog thefts – Fieldsports News
Crackpot doomsday cultists doorstep David Attenborough – Fieldsports News
Hull resident horrified after RSPCA shoots ‘happy’ goose – Hull Daily Mail
European shooters concerned about lead ban – Instagram
Lewis Hamilton slammed over pet’s ‘dangerous’ vegan diet – Daily Mail
European firearms passes expire in the new year – BASC
Safari Club scraps convention due to coronavirus – SCI
Animal rights extremists set traps for hunters in US forest – Citizen Times
Government helicopter marksmen get busy –
New record brownie – Facebook
Rare albino squirrel spotted in Scottish garden – Daily Record

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