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Roy goes for dramatic stalking success in the New Forest, hunting a massive sika stag, and using his Aimpoint Acro on a muntjac, too. Find out how he gets on. That’s not all. On the shotgunning side, rabbits targets are the bane of the sporting scene. World champion Sam Green offers his top tips on the correct hold point for bouncing bunnies. And Charlie uncovers some of the RSPB’s funding techniques – this is the one where they stiff the taxpayer so they can buy up land. Charlie also presents the best hunting videos on YouTube for Hunting YouTube, and David brings you the latest on the News Stump. Keep it #FieldsportsBritain

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Sika rut
For more information about the Acro, go to or email
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How to shoot rabbits
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Sam shoots with a B525 Ultra XS
For lessons with Sam Green, visit

RSPB funding
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Fieldsports News

Here are the links:
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Lewis Hamilton slammed over pet’s ‘dangerous’ vegan diet – Daily Mail
European firearms passes expire in the new year – BASC
Safari Club scraps convention due to coronavirus – SCI
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Government helicopter marksmen get busy –
New record brownie – Facebook
Rare albino squirrel spotted in Scottish garden – Daily Record

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