Savage B22 – review


The Savage B22 Precision is the affordable match rimfire rifle for .22LR competitions. It will perform on the range, you can use it for plinking and it’s even an accurate choice for rabbits and other vermin.

Its MDT chassis is built from a single piece of aluminium, to make it stable, and has M-LOK rails machined into the bottom and sides of the fore-end for attachments. The magazine is on the side of the rifle.

It comes with Savage’s trademark AccuTrigger, behind a polymer trigger guard, though not the AccuTrigger seen on other Savage rifles.

“The AccuTrigger seen on this one is slightly different from other ones seen on Savage rifles,” says Andrew Isherwood of Edgar Brothers, which imports Savage to the UK. “This one will go down to 1lb 8oz-worth of trigger pulls, which is really light, and it goes up to 5lb.”

“Thats perfect if you’re practising service rifle competitions,” adds Ben Mcilwaine, a competition rifle shooter sponsored by Edgar Brothers.

B22 Precision: light and stable


Savages are in the top ten of rimfire rifles owned by Fieldsports Channel viewers. Their most popular model among our viewers is the more traditional-looking 93R17.

Neil Wragg reviews the B22 Precision on the RackNLoad channel and loves it. It has an attracive look of the AR-15 about it, with oversized trigger guard and bolt knob.

The rifle is compatible with any AR-type pistol grip, has adjustable pull and comb and comes with a 10-round detachable magazine.

The B22 in use


The retail price is about £795. Find out more at the Edgar Brothers’ website.

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