Zoli XL-Evo shotgun – review


Rob Dunlea-Jones from Edgar Brothers shows us his customised XL-Evo Shotgun from Italian gunmaker Zoli.

A lefty, Rob had his stock fitted for him in Italy, so it looks different to other models. But it’s got the same focus on balance.

As well as owning his own XL-Evo, Rob’s employer Edgar Brothers imports Zoli shotguns to the UK.

“One of the key things about this particular shotgun, it’s designed to be able to have what they call a ‘Between the Hands Balance Adjustment System’,” he says. “The idea being you can increase or decrease the weighted plates on the side of the gun to give you that perfect balance.”

Balancing act: you can add weights to the guns sides, part of the ‘Between the Hands Balance Adjustment System’


Another option is adding a weight system to the butt of the stock.

Zoli has been making guns since 1845. Besides customisation, Rob says the quality of the XL-Evo Shotgun is exceptional.

“I think the number of key things about the gun that really make the quality stand out for me all the Zoli barrels are silver soldered… as opposed to tin soldered, which many other manufacturers use, which means that the strength of the barrel is extremely strong.”

Silver soldered: barrels are ‘extremely strong’


The company is so sure of its craftsmanship and reliability of its guns, each comes with a 10-year warranty.

Another standard feature with Zolis is the removable trigger, making cleaning much easier.

Rob and his XL-Evo


The recommended retail prices of Zoli XL-Evo start at £7,600. Find out more at the Edgar Brothers website.

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