Waders for Real: saving wading birds

  Ben O’Rourke “We’ve learnt a lot through working with the GWCT about how we approach things, how I approach my work, planning it and the effect I can have on the work we put in,” says gamekeeper Rupert Brewer of his involvement in the Waders for Real project. Gamekeepers like Rupert are an essential […]

Shooterking Huntflex jacket and trousers – review

Shooterking’s Huntflex is a range of clothing aimed at most gameshooting and stalking styles. We talk to two professionals about how they use it.   Click here to watch Paul shooting in a Huntflex Winter Skeet Jacket   The Huntflex jackets and trousers range from Shooterking is designed to be a great-value option for demanding […]

Prosecutors drop Barry Swain assault case

  There’s been another blow for Leeds pest controller Barry Swain, whose troubles we have highlighted. An animal rights extremist who was due in court accused of assaulting Barry is off the hook. At Leeds Magistrates Court on 17 November 2020, Crown Prosecution Services decided not to go ahead with a criminal case against the […]

Thermal spotter vs hunting binoculars

  Tim Pilbeam is deerstalking with a difference: he’s fieldtesting for us. What are the best binoculars for hunting? And what should you look for when buying binoculars for hunting? Are thermal binoculars any good? As well as the chance to shoot a doe, he wants to work out when to use a thermal scope […]

Fieldsports Britain – a gameshooting day to remember

  Paul Childerley is shooting on the Mountgarret Shoot in North Yorkshire. There’s a good wind and pheasants are flying beautifully. Paul is there with his friend Scott Shuckford, and enjoying a day put on by Ripley Sporting. Plus they are both using guns that suit the grandeur of the day: Rizzini Regal Deluxe shotguns. […]

On test: Rizzini Regal Deluxe shotguns

  Paul Childerley puts the Rizzini Regal Deluxe shotgun through its paces on a driven pheasant shoot at the Mountgarret Shoot in North Yorkshire. Rizzini shotguns suit the birds, which are flying well, and Frank Boddy of Ripley Sporting puts on a lovely, relaxed day. Click here for Rizzini’s UK importer For Ripley Sporting, go […]

Battery sets off bullet in pocket

A rabbit-shooter in Essex had a shock when a rifle cartridge went off in his pocket. Gareth Jones from South Norfolk was shooting rabbits at night on a golf course when the spare battery for his night vision short-circuited through a .17HMR round, and set it off. It gave him a minor burn on his […]


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