Shooterking Huntflex jacket and trousers – review

Shooterking’s Huntflex is a range of clothing aimed at most gameshooting and stalking styles. We talk to two professionals about how they use it.


Click here to watch Paul shooting in a Huntflex Winter Skeet Jacket


The Huntflex jackets and trousers range from Shooterking is designed to be a great-value option for demanding hunting/shooting clothing that are still lightweight enough to allow you to move easily.

Gameshooter and gamekeeper Paul Childerley wears the Winter Skeet Jacket for gameshooting. “Soft leather, game pockets,” he says – “I’ve been using it for a few days this season. Some of the bigger coats are too restrictive. And it fits in.”

The clothing is made from Primaloft Thermo on the main body (not sleeves), which is washable and soft, as well as stopping rain. Jackets have a thin cow suede leather pad on shoulder (left or right pad design). It has two front large pockets for cartridges. On the trousers, knees are pre-shaped and reinforced, which gives additional stretch, and they have Cordura lining.

Click here to watch stalking guide John Dodd stalking in a Huntflex Forest Mist Jacket and Trousers


For professional Scottish deerstalking guide John Dodd, the Forest Mist Jacket and Trousers have been lightweight enough for him to use them easily during summer stalking, camouflaged enough to keep him out of sight of red stags on the open hill, and after a year of punishing use, his only complaint is that one of the elbow patches has come loose. He says the clothing has remained waterproof – and he loves its great value.

Of course, rain tends to come in though the head, cuff and waist openings, and the zips. To solve this, jackets come with detachable hoods and cuffs have adjustable velcro cuffs. Zips are either two-way, double zips or YKK waterproof zips.

Paul likes the breathability of his Winter Skeet Jacket. “I used it on a sim day and we were shooting 250 clays on a stand. It worked a treat,” he says.

When you’re outdoors in winter day in, day out, you need a jacket that’s up to the task. It’s got to be rugged, practical, waterproof and really, really warm. For that kind of work, Paul wears the Shooterking Huntflex Primaloft Winter Jacket. Paul says: “It’s really good for me because it’s thermally lined. It’s got the same outer shell as the regular Hunterflex jacket, but then it’s got the nice thick padding which is essential when you’re super-skinny like me and feel the cold!”

Paul likes the thoughtful details that Shooterking have built into the jacket, like the fold-out cuffs that protect the wrists and backs of the hands. “There’s plenty of pockets for everything I carry with me, and they’ve all got waterproof zips on them. It’s a fantastic jacket,” he says.

Click here to watch Paul shooting squirrels in his Winter Jacket


Does he use it for deerstalking? “Not if I’m moving about, but it’s great if you’re waiting up in a chilly high seat. If I was going on an adventure somewhere cold I’d certainly pack it. When it’s really chilly this is great with the thermal iHeat vest underneath – absolutely spot on. You just turn the heat vest on, zip up the jacket and it’s lovely and warm inside!”

Shooterking jackets score highly for durability in Fieldsports Channel’s research, ranking alongside Ridgeline and Härkila. Trousers score highly for waterproofing, ranking alongside Swazi and Ridgeline. Shooterking trousers rank top for customer service. Find out more here:

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