Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II – review


If you want to know what scope a competitive shooter uses to hit targets accurately, ask Ben Mcilwaine. He’ll tell you it’s the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II.

Bushnell says it’s the scope “that’s been to the podium at the King of 2 Miles” and countless precision rifle matches – often in the hands of Mcilwaine, a competition shooter, who is sponsored by Bushnell importer Edgar Brothers.

So what does he like about it? Let’s start with the turrets.

“They’re very tactile,” he says, with “nice positive clicks,” locking down the windage turret.

Positive clicks: the importance of aesthetics


He explains why the field elevation turret isn’t lockable. “It’s because during these sort of styles of shooting competition you’ll want to be able to really quickly and easily move those adjustments.”

In our research into scopes, viewer Donald from the UK says he has the Bushnell Elite 10×42 on his CZ.  He gives it top rating for waterproofing, durability, reliability and value for money. His only suggestion is that Bushnell makes the eyepiece focus ring tighter. Our viewers place Bushnell scopes second for accuracy, alongside Burris scopes and after the budget Vortex Viper.

Another important feature is the XRS II uses a first focal plane reticle,”so,” says Ben, “any drops in ballistic calculations you’ve got set for your reticle will remain constant across all magnifications – and this is a really key feature for precision style shooting where you need to be able to apply quick ballistic solutions.”

The first focal plane reticle also makes it very easy to measure targets.

A good blend between utility and ease of use


Reticles come in two sizes, the Tremor3 and Horus 59. Mcilwaine prefers the Horus 59.

“I find it’s a really nice blend between being really practically useful in terms of those subtensions on the reticle but not too busy if you like a really nice traditional clear reticle it also comes in what’s called the g3 which has an illuminated option as well and that’s one of Bushnell’s own offerings in terms of reticle.”

Regarding the Tremor3, he likes the reticle’s calibrated dots for windage, which can be saved and settings reapplied in the field.

Mcilwaine also likes the throw lever that allows quick magnification.

“I love it, it’s never let me down and I really recommand you have a look through one.”

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