Fieldsports Britain – old-fashioned walked-up shooting


A gentle walked-up day with Paul, looking for pheasant and maybe woodcock on his shoot in Bedfordshire. He is shooting an old side-by-side with new steel-shot cartridges, and cooking the pheasants in the woods. Staying on food (it’s Christmas), game meat specialist Jack Hills provides his recipe for venison sausage rolls. And as it’s Christmas, […]

Animal rights extremists release terrorist handbook

Animal rights extremists release terrorist handbook

  Ben O’Rourke Elliot Gold is a vegan who wants you to know who he is and what he does. He regularly campaigns outside shops selling fur in London, engaging customers and passers-by who wear fur or might want to. Regardless how loud he chants into his loudspeaker at the thousands of people walking past […]

Bloopers 2020


  It’s our outtakes and mistakes from filming during the extraordinary year that was 2020. Well, coronavirus or no coronavirus, we have still been making blunders – and here they are, laid bare.

Venison sausage rolls – easy recipe

Sausagerolls-web Ingredients 1lb venison mince1lb beef mince2 tbsp seasoning, (salt, pepper, herbs of your choice)2 large eggs, beaten2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce2 tbsp chutney2ft/60cm square (rolled out) of puff pastry   How to make it Kneading is all important here. Mix the two minces with your hands, add the seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, one of the eggs […]

Pointless council trailhunting bans – Fieldsports News, 23 December 2020

Pointless council trailhunting bans - Fieldsports news

Here are the links: Council trailhunting bans are ‘sad’ not ‘landmark’ – Fieldsports News Celebrity dog owners attack BBC over ‘puppy farming’ documentary – Pink News Antis urge royals to stop gameshooting at Sandringham – BASC Farmer banned from Tiktok over dead pheasant video – Twitter Sabs shocked by young shooters – Facebook Denmark digging […]


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