Government tightens antique firearm laws

The government has made changes to firearms laws it says will close ‘loopholes’ exploited by criminals. The new rules affect exemptions for antique firearms that allow collectors and dealers to own and trade in old guns. The government says these exemptions are being exploited by criminals. Seven ammunition types will no longer be described as […]

Fieldsports Britain – five deer down

Paul has a job on his hands. David follows him out culling deer on his ground – a single day’s work that culminates in stalking four species of deer: roe, muntjac, fallow and Chinese water deer, with five animals on the ground. Meanwhile, Charlie is on a mission to find out about pheasants and what’s […]

A day in the life of a deer manager Shooting deer is hard work. Paul Childerley has his work cut out thinning the various deer species on his ground in Bedfordshire. Paul is also putting Sako products through their paces, shooting a Sako Powerhead Blade round in .308 and Sako S20 rifle. In the end he shoots five animals from four species: fallow, […]

Grouse go to Westminster – Fieldsports News, 13 January 2021

Here are the links:Parliament sets date for driven grouse debate – GWCTWildlife celeb caught twisting truth – again – Twitter This is incorrect. We have not said this. — National Farmers' Union (@NFUtweets) January 11, 2021 Some antique guns obsolete and illegal under new firearms rules – Fieldsports NewsSabs salivate over two-year-old Countryside Alliance doc […]

Lockdown walked-up pheasant shooting We can go walked-up shooting – it’s part of a healthy lifestyle, says the government, and it is OK in England and Scotland, even during this January 2021 lockdown. So that’s what we are doing with Tom Davies in Devon, on a shoot on the edge of Dartmoor. But what of the pheasants that […]

Swarovski updates its dS riflescope to gen II

by Charlie Jacoby The Swarovski dS scope is growing up. The technical marvel that is the gen II dS has a slimmer look, though the same 40mm tube, a choice of six reticles, and more customisable features such as the ability to switch off the wind bars. It comes with an alignment indicator, which gives you […]

Swarovski updates its CL pocket binos range

by Charlie Jacoby All the expensive optics manufacturers have the same problem: should they launch cheaper models? If they do, it opens them to the charge of going downmarket. Also, they may have to cut costs in the manufacturing process, which could bring with it a quality issue. All of the expensive optics manufacturers worry […]


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