Grouse go to Westminster – Fieldsports News, 13 January 2021

Here are the links:
Parliament sets date for driven grouse debate – GWCT
Wildlife celeb caught twisting truth – again – Twitter

Some antique guns obsolete and illegal under new firearms rules – Fieldsports News
Sabs salivate over two-year-old Countryside Alliance doc – sabs’ shoot report hotline 07395 631162
Dumped deer sparks sab assault on hunters – before and after 
Guns missing after shooter murdered – Essex Police
Northern Ireland politicians slam ‘unjustified’ firearms fee – Belfast Telegraph
BASC welcomes reversal of lockdown shooting ban – Fieldsports News
Deer could ‘wreak havoc’ on British countryside – Guardian
Viewer bags Ireland’s ‘biggest’ fox
2020 was record year for US gun purchases – Ammoland

Boar attacks shooter – Daily Mail

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