Campfire popcorn – recipe

Ingredients: Popcorn kernels Oil or butter (in a tin or a pan) Metal sieve Tin foil All you are going to do is toast them over a fire until they pop, coat them in oil or butter, and either add salt, sugar, or however you like your popcorn. First, coat the kernels in oil, put […]

How to shoot high crossers, with Sam Green

It’s the bird that gets you into a big swing. Top shot Sam Green explains how to shoot high crossers, whether they are pheasants or clays. Of course it’s not just how to hit a high crosser – it’s how not to miss one, either. Then it’s all about hold point. The mistake most people […]

Natural England in muirburn muddle – Fieldsports News, 3 February 2021

Here are the links: Government thinks heather burning damages peat bogs – Government press release GWCT muirburn reaction – GWCT Mars Bar vs Muirburn film – Facebook Peak District Moorland Group burns over ice – Facebook Bumpy end to 2020/21 game season – Facebook Avian influenza touches down in Anglesey Minister wants to stop teens […]

One side’s for people, the other for hunting – guess which? If you want to see the difference between hunting areas and non-hunting areas in Tanzania, biologist Karen Seginak took these photos from her aeroplane as she flew into a hunting block.    In every picture, the biodiverse wood and scrub is the hunting area. The slashed and burned fields are the almost wildlife-free farms.  […]


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