Woox Furiosa rifle chassis – review

www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXRXpZOelJc When you take accuracy seriously, only the best will do – and the Furiosa chassis from Woox is reckoned to be one of the best-crafted precision shooting chassis in the world. Designed in the USA and made in Italy, the Furiosa is a drop-in system that requires no extra pillars or extra bedding. Your […]

FORM rifle stock – review

Many people have turned their hand to making rifle stocks over the years, but few have got it right, and been able to produce them in sufficient quantity. Peter McGregor, the owner of FORM Stocks, is one of those few. “I first met Peter several years ago, and he was producing absolutely fantastic rifle stocks, […]

Remington 700 Sporter rifle – review

www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoaywkd6hvA The Remington Model 700 rifle is legendary. First produced in 1962, nearly 60 years later it’s still in production, with an unparalleled reputation for dependability and out-of-the-box accuracy, relied on by elite military units and law enforcement around the world. Richard Ryan, of Remington’s UK distributors Raytrade UK, is a massive fan. “The Remington […]

Huntstand vs MyHunt/MyFieldsports: battle of the hunting apps

If you are thinking of a hunting app, the two market leaders are Huntstand and MyFieldsports (called MyHunt outside the UK). Huntstand from the USA has an American heritage steeped in hunts for whitetail deer. MyFieldsports is the UK version of MyHunt, and can’t escape its Germanic heritage. There’s a definite whiff of wild boar […]