Woox Furiosa rifle chassis – review

When you take accuracy seriously, only the best will do – and the Furiosa chassis from Woox is reckoned to be one of the best-crafted precision shooting chassis in the world. Designed in the USA and made in Italy, the Furiosa is a drop-in system that requires no extra pillars or extra bedding. Your action and barrel drop in and you’re ready to go.

Richard Ryan from Woox’s UK distributor Raytrade explains what he likes about this chassis: “It’s fully adjustable with a wonderfully positive adjustment with no wobble.” It’s also quick detach – the stock can be detached in seconds, making the rifle easier to store and transport. There’s a positive locking bolt through the grip that takes up any slack so you get the benefit of the aluminium chassis all the way through.

The Furiosa comes in two colour options: mid grey and walnut. “The walnut is like Marmite; some people love it, others hate it,” comments Richard. “I really like it. You’re not shooting that ‘black gun’ that everyone’s got. Most chassis look the same to me, and as someone who does a bit of target and a bit of hunting I think the look of the walnut is nice. I’ve got all the benefits of the chassis with the look and feel of wood, a lovely piece of walnut.”

On thing you don’t have to worry about with the walnut is taking it out in the rain. “People think that wood might shift in the rain,” says Richard, “but with the rigidity and inherent accuracy of the Furiosa’s ally chassis you don’t have to worry.”

The Furiosa is available for a wide range of rifles, including the Remington 700 long and short action, Tikka, Howa and Sauer 100, all available from stock in the UK. “They also do a lovely little sporting stock that’s more aimed at the hunter,” Richard adds. “It comes in midnight black, green laminate or the walnut, inletted for the same range of rifles.”

RRP for the Furiosa is £1,235, and the sporting stock is £700. “Compared with what else is out there that’s incredible value for money,” says Richard.

Find out more at the Raytrade website.

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