Many people have turned their hand to making rifle stocks over the years, but few have got it right, and been able to produce them in sufficient quantity. Peter McGregor, the owner of FORM Stocks, is one of those few. 

“I first met Peter several years ago, and he was producing absolutely fantastic rifle stocks, just selling them direct. It was a relatively small operation,” says Richard Ryan from Raytrade, the company that now distributes FORM rifle stocks in the UK. “It’s very tough to make stocks at a speed that is cost effective, however.”

Richard is very taken with the unique shape and quality of Peter’s stock designs. “They’re beautiful,” he says. “Look at this one, the cheek adjustable option for night vision or larger objective scopes. The retail price is £475, which is stunning. It’s aluminium pillar bedded with cross bolts. There’s also a bolt through the hand, making it super durable.”

“It’s been drop tested from six feet with an action in. Don’t try that yourself, as it’s not covered by the warranty – although if you break it by accident then of course it is covered.”

The stocks come in a variety of colours, and Richard finds that the most popular are walnut laminate and grey laminate. Each one is fitted with a Spartan adapter for the Spartan bipod system. “It’s a nice slick adapter, nothing in your way or sticking into your shoulder, and it’s a really rigid way of attaching the Spartan system,” says Richard.

“This really is a great stock, incredibly rigid and hard wearing and feels gorgeous in the hands. It’s got features that other stocks don’t have, and the aluminium pillar bedding means you’ve got even better accuracy than a factory rifle. And it’s made in the UK. There’s a huge range of options for just about any rifle or air rifle. Have a look and speak to your local retailer.”

Prices from around £475. Find out more at the FORM Riflestocks website.

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