Plymouth shootings: the police gun licensing backlash

by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby Shooters in Dorset, Devon & Cornwall say the police are punishing them as a kneejerk reaction to a shooting in Plymouth in August 2021. Now the facts support them. The number of gun certificates revoked in the South-West is nine times higher than normal. BASC uncovered the figures following […]

Gamekeepers clear up after Storm Arwen When Storm Awen blew through in November 2021, it took trees and powerlines with it. On the front line, with firecrews and the Army, helping to put the countryside back together were the gamekeepers of the North-East of England and Scotland. BASC’s Gareth Dockerty explains what happened. The clear-up after Storm Arwen Meanwhile, the […]

Fieldsports Britain – Tim targets tech Imagine a hunt where it’s only about the hunting. You find your deer, you crawl into position, and then instead of fiddling with maths and turrets, the scope’s internal calculator does the work for you. All you have to do is take the shot accurately. That’s the new scope that Tim Pilbeam, has his […]


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