Fieldsports Britain – Tim targets tech

Imagine a hunt where it’s only about the hunting. You find your deer, you crawl into position, and then instead of fiddling with maths and turrets, the scope’s internal calculator does the work for you. All you have to do is take the shot accurately. That’s the new scope that Tim Pilbeam, has his hands on. He puts it through its paces and takes it out after fallow. That’s not all. Josh McKeown is back with more ballistic tips from the Braces of Bristol rifle range. We are giving away ISOTunes hearing protection priced at £110, David brings you the news on the News Stump, including yet another shooter who has had his guns grabbed back by armed Devon & Cornwall police officers, and Charlie has the top hunting and shooting videos on Hunting YouTube. It’s all in #FieldsportsBritain.


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Hunting YouTube

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